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No matter how many turns a new musical takes on its development path, one turn is always invaluable: “getting it up on its feet” for the first time. So, when Jon Aaron first contacted me in April 2011 about wanting to direct A SUPERHERO at McDonogh, I was immediately excited. And for many reasons... First, working with Jon would be a wonderful reunion of sorts, as he had directed me as Sky Masterson in GUYS AND DOLLS while I was a junior at McDonogh. Second, McDonogh has — and will always have — a huge place in my heart, as they took a chance on me and produced the first musical I ever wrote, TALE, as the school musical my senior year. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ignited a fiery passion in me to pursue a musical theatre composition degree at New York University. It also brought me my first experience at a professional theatre when TALE won CENTERSTAGE’s Young Playwrights Festival that year — another deeply influential moment in my life. Returning to McDonogh with another original musical feels like a joyous homecoming. Third, and on a similar note, I was excited to take A SUPERHERO to McDonogh to continue (and participate in) the school’s long history of giving unique opportunities to its students (and trust me, taking on an original musical definitely qualifies as a unique opportunity!)

Perhaps the most important reason, though, I was so excited to take this journey at McDonogh was because A SUPERHERO — as you’ll discover — is a big idea. It can be produced with a cast of 12-14, with a reduced score or with a minimalist set and still, I believe, be effective. But wow... to have the chance to “get it up on its feet” in a school setting where it’s actually desirable to have a cast size larger than 12, where there can be a 18-piece orchestra (that’s right, 18 pieces) and most importantly where it can be developed in a nurturing, creative environment from which one’s best work can emerge... There might not be a more fitting way to have seen A SUPERHERO through this crucial stage of development. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance and the “McDonogh creative minds” — led by the fearless and inexhaustible director, Jon Aaron — have forever changed A SUPERHERO, in my opinion, for the better. I am deeply thankful for their love, hours and creativity that they have so generously poured into this project.

So... what a reunion, what a journey, what an orchestra! Three performances only at the Ceres M. Horn Theatre.

—Jonathan K. Waller, 2013



APRIL 12, 2013 at 7PM

APRIL 13, 2013 at 7PM

APRIL 14, 2013 at 2PM